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Dear affiliates,

This website has been developed by a certified posture alignment specialist, for other similarly trained specialists. We have included access to a community forum for members, to provide a safe and secure place for us to ask each other questions, make comments, and share information, thus improving the quality of therapy we all can provide.

Register now and purchase an annual membership, and you will gain instant access to the forum and also be automatically listed on the site with other accomplished posture therapists. I sincerely welcome your comments and requests for additional features to be added to this site to make it the best resource available for you and your potential clients.

Sincerely, Carol Gamboa

Our Purpose:

The purpose of is to provide a united and comprehensive source of information about our approach, and to provide vital resources for enriching the work of posture specialists trained by the Egoscue University®.

Who We Are:

We are uniquely skilled therapists, possessing comprehensive training in posture analysis and the application of stretches and exercises for the correction of joint position and muscular imbalances. We have all experienced that this type of training enables us to help clients alleviate symptoms and reverse musculoskeletal damage with unparalleled success.

Benefits of Joining:

  • User-friendly, interactive pages with clear and concise descriptions of who we are and what we do
  • Links that enable potential clients to quickly find information relevant to their condition
  • Locations feature that allows clients to search for and get directions to the nearest affiliate using embedded Google maps.
  • Versatility for each affiliate to either maintain his/her existing business identity, or to utilize the ABA brand.
  • Relevant marketing materials that can be used by everyone, but can also be personalized by each affiliate.
  • Private therapy forum for access to tips, advice, and therapy suggestions from other experienced therapists.
  • Helpful links to therapy products and applicable news and articles about our approach
  • Search Engine Optimization using the newest web tools

ABA serves to unite previously isolated posture therapy businesses, and to promote our unique therapeutic approach to the masses. We look forward to seeing the businesses providing posture therapy grow and continue to expand their services all over the world.