Shelli McDonald: PAS I, PAS II
If you are reading this, you are on your way to a healthier, pain-free life! My name is Shelli McDonald, and I grew up in Indiana and graduated from Indiana University in 1989. I have always had a passion for living a healthy life in all ways. I spent my childhood, teens and twenties really into fitness and well-being, but never truly understanding body mechanics.

It was in 2001 when I was training for my second marathon that my body decided "enough was enough." My knees were misaligned and chronically inflamed.

I experienced chronic shoulder subluxation, and I wouldn't even get out of bed without a pair of orthotics tucked into my slippers and my patellar-knee strap placed around my knee to help with my knee instability. Doctors were telling this relatively young person (age 34) that I was going to need knee surgery and that braces and orthotics would be a way of life for me.

My patience and persistence served me well as I continued to look for non-surgical alternatives to my dilemma, and I eventually learned about Egoscue Method through my husband's business acquaintance who had personally seen the benefits of this amazing technique.

So, in 2010, nearly 10 years after discovering posture alignment therapy, I decided to not only be a client but to become trained as a practitioner of Egoscue Method. I completed my training in December 2012, and I am thrilled to be helping individuals overcome their pain and take back their lives by returning the body to proper alignment, function and balance.

BUSINESS PHONE: (317)501-5180


One-on-One Therapy Session............................................. $150

Session includes:
  • Health History Review
  • Posture Photos
  • Structural and Gait Analysis
  • Personalized Exercise Plan & Training
  • PDF of Exercises for Home Program

$$ - Cash/Check/Credit Cards Accepted